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Congressman Neal weighs-in on Trump's infrastructure plan

February 12, 2018
In The News


President Donald Trump announced his plans for a 2019 budget Monday morning.

The announcement included a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan to rebuild roads and highways.

The President met with governors as well as several state and local officials at the White House on Monday to discuss the plan.

The administration's 55-page plan said it will use $200 billion in Federal money to repair America's roads, highways, ports, and airports. 

The rest of the money would come from state and local budgets and private investments. 

This plan is something that has politicians like Congressman Richard Neal on the fence. 

"We're glad the conversation has begun but I don't think you can argue that states and cities and towns are in position to take on more [financial] obligation for notion of infrastructure we acknowledge that they are in  need of infusion of capital," he said. 

In addition to infrastructure changes, there is a $4 trillion proposal that includes millions for the military, border security, and other programs.