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Western Mass Hospitals Benefiting from Medicaid Extension

January 4, 2012
In The News

SPRINGFIELD, MA  - The federal government and Gov. Deval Patrick have reached a multi-billion dollar deal for state healthcare costs.

Congressman Richard Neal joined hospital officials at Holyoke Medical Center today to announce the $26 billion Medicaid waiver.

According to officials the money will help the state preserve existing eligibility and benefit levels in Medicaid and commonwealth care programs.

Holyoke Medical Center will get $25.6 million over a 3- year period and Mercy Medical Center in Springfield will get $45.6 million.

Congressman Neal says that money will go to help the hospitals pay for expenses during tough financial times.

"It renews a Medicaid waiver which will allow these institutions some flexibility in terms of care," Congressman Neal tells CBS 3 Springfield. "It will allow them to do a bit of experimentation where they think it's appropriate, it will help them with their billing procedures."

During the 3-year period, the state has also agreed to fully implement the Federal Affordable Care Act expected to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.