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Brady, Neal lead effort to Repeal Windfall Elimination Provision

February 5, 2015
Press Release
Bi-partisan measure ends unfair WEP provision; provides each treatment in Social Security for teachers, fire fighters and law enforcement
Washington, DC  --  A bipartisan bill has been filed in the U.S. House of Representatives to treat teachers, firefighters and police officers who paid into Social Security the same as other American workers. U.S. Representatives Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts), senior members of the House Ways & Means Committee, are leading the effort to alter the controversial Social Security provision known as the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

"Our bill strengthens the solvency of Social Security while guaranteeing our public servants receive the full benefits they earned when paying into the program,” said Brady. “Those who teach our children and protect and serve us everyday deserve equal treatment when they retire. Social Security benefits should be based on your real-life contributions, not some arbitrary formula."

“If Americans are going to enjoy their golden years financially secure and comfortable, they must have a sound retirement plan. That is why I have been a strong supporter of the Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act. Our dedicated public employees have paid into Social Security and they are entitled to their full benefits, just like any other worker. I am happy to join with my colleague Congressman Kevin Brady in a bipartisan effort to provide fair and just treatment for our retired public employees,” said Congressman Richard E. Neal.  

Brady and Neal introduced H.R. 711, the Equal Treatment for Public Servants Act. It repeals the 1980’s era WEP which impacts 1.3 million public servants who earn a pension at work as well as in Social Security. The WEP can dock monthly Social Security benefits as much as $413 a month. Instead, H.R. 711 bases Social Security on real life earnings and work history.