Neal Joins House Leaders to Highlight Detrimental Impact GOP Tax Bill Would Have on Puerto Rico

December 7, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Richard E. Neal joined House Democrats, teachers, and healthcare workers Thursday for a press conference highlighting the negative effects the GOP tax bill would have on the island of Puerto Rico.

The GOP tax bills would place a 20 percent excise tax on goods and services that flow between American businesses with operations in Puerto Rico and the United States, resulting in tens of thousands of individuals out of work at a time when the island is trying to rebuild.

“Many times now, I’ve called this legislation a missed opportunity,” said Representative Neal. “It’s a missed opportunity in that the tax bill was a chance for Congress to help Puerto Rico get on solid economic footing. Instead, it’s clear that very little attention was paid to the unique circumstances U.S. territories face. Puerto Rico has just suffered terrible devastation – folks there are still in the process of rebuilding and putting the pieces of their lives back together after Hurricane Maria. The last thing they need is to get hit again. The pain that Republicans’ tax bill will cause the people of Puerto Rico – who have already endured so much – is yet another reason why Congress should reject this legislation.”

Neal is a lead democratic negotiator on the GOP Tax Bill Conference Committee. 

The full press conference can be watched here.