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Congressman Richard Neal

Representing the 1st District of Massachusetts


Neal Speech Against HR 3, the Trump-GOP Rescissions bill

June 7, 2018
Press Release

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to oppose H.R. 3, the Trump-GOP rescissions bill, which would cut about $15 billion in appropriated spending.  


Today’s bill is HR 3.  HR 1 was their tax bill and a giveaway to billionaires.  HR 2 cut food assistance for working families.  And now HR 3 is cutting $7 billion from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  I guess this reflects the top three Republican priorities.


As we’ve seen time and time again, the Republicans are more focused on the needs of the wealthy and well-connected instead of middle-class families. After the Republicans gave away 2.3 trillion dollars in tax cuts to special interests and the wealthiest Americans, they are now going after health care for children of working families and proposing to eliminate more than $7 billion in funding for CHIP.


CHIP will cover approximately 9 million children a year in the coming years.  Yet the Republicans are proposing to cut this program that provides critical health coverage like hospital visits, prescription drugs, and well child care, all across the nation.


Let’s be clear – the Republicans priority – whether it’s this rescissions bill or their tax legislation – is the wealthy and corporations and not the middle-class. 


While big companies and the most well-off and well-connected reap massive benefits from the Republicans’ tax law, middle-class families are not seeing any changes in their paychecks.   And that’s because 83% of the benefit goes directly to those at the very top.


And now suddenly – after they jammed through their tax bill – the Republicans are concerned about deficits.  Let me give you a little bit of a history lesson.


In January 2001, when President Bush took over from President Clinton, CBO estimated the total budget surplus for 2002 to 2011 would be $5.6 trillion. But what actually happened during that period?  The federal government ran deficits that totaled $6.1 trillion.


What happened when President Clinton left office?  In 2001, Republicans cut taxes by $1.3 trillion; in 2003, by $1 trillion; and in 2005, there was the repatriation tax holiday.


The Republicans call themselves fiscal conservatives but nothing could be further from the truth.  History doesn’t lie and we just saw it again last December with their so-called tax reform bill that added at least $2.3 trillion to the nation’s debt. 


And let’s also be real, Republicans’ claim that these massive tax cuts will pay for themselves.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Tax cuts don’t pay for themselves, you pay for them.


Today their cutting funding for childrens’ health insurance.  It begs the question what’s next?


Thank you.