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Neal Statement Following President Trump’s State of the Union Remarks

January 30, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Following President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address Tuesday night, U.S. Representative Richard E. Neal released the following statement.

“It is important that President Trump raised the opioid epidemic issue this evening but it also amplifies the fact the Administration and Congress must do more to help Americans access necessary treatment for opioid use disorders. As I have said before, the opioid epidemic was declared a public health emergency in October but since then, there has been no action. We clearly have work to do this year. We must stop undermining the programs that provide coverage and treatment for those who need it and instead strengthen and improve access to care and coverage.

“While the economy continues to grow, there are still many individuals in Massachusetts who are struggling to find decent work through no fault of their own. A strong economy can only be sustained by improved access to educational programs, especially on the community college and technical school level as we see a staggering number of employment vacancies in the skilled manufacturing field, especially here in New England.

“The middle-class continues to struggle and the newly passed GOP tax bill will only make their lives harder. The legislation puts the wealthy and well-connected first, while forcing 86 million middle-class families to watch as their taxes go up. While President Trump continues to make a pledge for bipartisanship, it has proven to be an empty promise. I continue to stand at the ready to join my Republican colleagues to make real bipartisan changes that will help every American throughout every stage of their life. We simply cannot have an “America First” agenda that does not lift up all Americans from all corners of our country.”