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Neal Statement on President Trump’s Infrastructure Proposal

February 12, 2018
Press Release

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – U.S. Congressman Richard E. Neal released the following statement on President Trump’s infrastructure proposal.

“While I am glad the conversation has begun about rehabilitating our country’s timeworn infrastructure, President Trump’s proposal released today on how to go about that change falls tremendously short. States and localities are cash strapped and unable in many cases to come up with the funding necessary to fix the roads, bridges, and buildings that in many instances have not been updated since they were first built during the New Deal era. Investing in infrastructure has always been an 80/20 federal/state model and it should remain that way so that real work can occur. This country needs a big infrastructure plan – to repair our communities and to put our people back to work. This should be something we can all agree on but it must be done the right way.”