Neal Statement on Tax Bill Conference Report

December 15, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Richard Neal (D-MA) today released the following statement on the Republican tax legislation’s conference report:

"Today, behind closed doors, Republicans approved an agreement for a tax plan that until now they have refused to share with the American public. One can only assume they were being this secretive because the bill raises taxes on millions of middle-class families while cutting corporations’ taxes, explodes the deficit by roughly $2 trillion, strips health insurance from millions of Americans, and prompts billions of dollars of cuts to Medicare.

“The GOP have seemed to accomplish the impossible. They developed tax cut legislation that has been rejected by two-thirds of the American people because the public sees this for what it is – a giveaway to the well-off and well-connected that the middle class will be forced to foot the bill for down the road.”