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Neal urges taxpayers to check on lost refunds

December 19, 2007
Press Release

Claims it is the perfect ‘stocking stuffer’

(WASHINGTON) Congressman Richard E. Neal today urged taxpayers in his Congressional district to check a list posted on his website which contains the names of local individuals with refund checks held at the IRS.  These refunds, totaling $3 million for state of Massachusetts, are usually returned to the IRS because the taxpayer has moved and the postal service will not forward mail from the IRS.

“At this time of the year, finding a lost refund check can really brighten a holiday season.  Some of these refunds may be small “stocking stuffers,” but with the average lost refund at more than $1,300, the whole family can expect a merrier Christmas.”

Nationwide, the IRS is looking for 115,478 taxpayers with undeliverable refunds worth about $110 million.  In Massachusetts, which has seen an increase in lost refunds of 22% over last year, there are 2,190 taxpayers due almost $3 million.  In order to claim these lost refunds, taxpayers must file a Form 8822 Change of Address form, available by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM or from the IRS website (www.irs.gov), see “Where’s My Refund?” feature.

“As a Senior Member of the tax-writing Committee in Congress, I want to see our tax system work as efficiently as possible.  And while the number of taxpayers with lost refunds is very small, at only one in a thousand, it still pains me to think that someone has money waiting for them at the IRS.”

Click on document below to view lost refund list for MA 2nd Congressional District.

CLICK HERE to download the list (PDF)