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Remarks of Congressman Richard E. Neal on Boston Marathon Victims, Survivors and Heroes

April 26, 2013
Press Release
FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013

MR. SPEAKER, a sad and emotional chapter in our history came to an end in Watertown, Massachusetts, a week ago today when law enforcement officials captured the second marathon bombing suspect and took him into custody. The unthinkable events that brought greater Boston to a standstill are over, and one of the individuals responsible for the death and destruction will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The bombs that were meant to terrorize a community only brought the good people of Massachusetts, and the United States, closer together. And now we can all begin the process of healing, recovery and renewal.

Since April 22nd, the American family has watched the remarkable professionalism and courage of our local, state and federal law enforcement officials. Along with our dedicated fire fighters and first responders, they helped bring a swift end to the violence and mayhem that shut down Boston like no time in recent memory. When the two explosions occurred on Marathon Monday, they were the ones who ran into the smoke to save lives. When severely injured men, women and children needed care, they were the ones who tied the tourniquets and lined up to give blood.

When the perpetrators of these cowardly acts put innocent people at risk, they put themselves in the line of fire. The United States of America salutes them for their courage and thanks them for their extraordinary service.

MR. SPEAKER, the people of Massachusetts are strong, proud and resilient. We will return to Fenway Park on Patriot's Day, and our cherished Boston Marathon next year will be bigger and better. No senseless acts of terror and evil will stop us from being who we are. From the Berkshires to Boylston Street, those who call the Commonwealth home know how to overcome adversity. But we will never forget those four innocent people who lost their lives far too early. We will always carry a piece of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu and Officer Sean Collier in our hearts. And we will continue to pray for the more than 200 runners and spectators who were injured in this terrible tragedy. In their name, and in their memory, we will run again.