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House Democrats propose ‘Heroes Act’ in order to help Americans amid coronavirus

May 13, 2020
In The News

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – House democrats are proposing a new $3 trillion stimulus package to get more funding to front line workers, and the millions of unemployed Americans.

Congressman Richard Neal believes it’s needed to help local hospitals and those who lost their job due to this pandemic. He outlined the terms of the new legislation on Wednesday outside his office at the Springfield Federal Courthouse.

The Heroes Act includes $3 trillion in funding, $100 billion of which would go to hospitals. It would also pay for increased testing and send another round of stimulus payments to American workers.

Neal told 22News the federal government needs to act now, even if that means borrowing a lot more money.

“We’re better off investing now. Trying to stem the tide of the disease rather than waiting too long and the problem becomes far worse.”

These new stimulus payments would follow similar criteria as the last round of payments.
If you earn less than $75K, you’d receive a $1200 dollar check and an additional $1200 for each dependent.

Neal said western Massachusetts would receive more than $22 billion dollars from the Heroes Act. He’s hopeful that it passes this Saturday.