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New $43 Million Hangar Will Be Built To Accommodate The Military's Largest Plane

January 31, 2019
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An aircraft hangar the size of two football fields will be built in western Massachusetts where maintenance will be done on the largest planes in America’s military fleet.

Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA1)  announced Thursday that the White House had signed off on spending $43 million to build the hangar at Westover Air Base in Chicopee.

He said it should help keep the base’s status as one of the largest employers in the region with 5,000 military and civilian workers.

"It is also a very important component of America's national defense and that can not be over emphasized," said Neal.

The new hangar is expected to be constructed by 2022. 

The Air Force’s entire fleet of 50 C5-M Super Galaxy aircraft will rotate through the base for annual maintenance.