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Neal Statement on Afghanistan

SPRINGFIELD, MA - Congressman Richard E. Neal released the following statement on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. 

“As the situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, and Kabul has fallen to the Taliban, my primary concern is for the safety of our brave Armed Forces on the ground, and the American citizens who are trying to evacuate. 

"The fate of those Afghans who supported the United States throughout the conflict, including women and children, is also of particular interest to me.

"As someone who voted against the war in Iraq, I have been reminded in recent weeks how that invasion in 2003 took precious resources and focus away from the growing unrest in Afghanistan.

"The Taliban are singularly responsible for the ongoing aggression in the region, and I am hopeful that the United States and the international community will hold them accountable for their actions,” said Chairman Richard E. Neal.


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