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Congressman Richard Neal is confident infrastructure bill will pass

MASS. - Two major spending bills remain in limbo on Capitol Hill due to a lack of Democratic party votes.

The lack of votes is due to the pricetag of the economic package, which is better known as the Build Back Better Act. Progressives want to spend $3.5 trillion in the bill, but moderate Democrats say that is too high.

While back in August, President Biden's $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package got 19 Republican votes in the senate, its fate in the House is now in question with Democrats who are at odds over if it should be linked to the larger spending package.

Congressman Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts) says Democrats will be united and they will prevail on this.

"I think that everybody knows we have to do it, the country's infrastructure is falling apart," Rep. Neal said. "There has not been a substantial long term investment in infrastructure in America in a more than a decade and we expect to get this over the goal line in the near future."

Neal said they're confident they will get two Democratic holdouts, Senators Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona), on the same page. On another topic, Neal says they will get the debt ceiling raised which would avoid a financial catastrophe for the government.