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How will the infrastructure bill affect western Massachusetts?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that the major infrastructure bill passed through Congress last week, what does that mean for our transportation needs here in western Massachusetts?

The more than $1 trillion bill passed Friday. Now, billions of dollars are coming to Massachusetts to help improve our aging infrastructure.

The new law will add, on average, 2 million jobs a year over the next decade across the nation. In Massachusetts, $12.5 billion is expected for state roads, bridges, water systems, and other infrastructure needs. Our state is also expected to get a minimum of $3.5

22News spoke with Congressman Richard Neal who was a big part of this bill passing, “It will be well beyond $12 billion as I’ve heard some suggest, and it’s likely to be in the tens of billions of dollars in range. Let’s not forget just how important it is for central and western Massachusetts. We think there is some worthwhile public investments in rail that I plan to prioritize. I have had meetings with the governor encouraging him on that basis.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats hope to pass the social spending bill by Thanksgiving. The White House said that President Joe Biden will sign the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than a decade on Monday.