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Neal Votes to Ensure National Guard and Reserve Members Receive Equal Access to G.I. Benefits

Today, Congressman Richard E. Neal voted for the Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act, which takes a strong step toward ensuring equal access to G.I. benefits. This bill will ensure that members of the National Guard and Reserve, who often serve side-by-side with their Active Duty counterparts yet do not currently receive the same access to vital G.I. bill benefits, are honored with the benefits they have earned and deserve. 

“Every day that our National Guard and Reserve servicemembers serve in uniform should count toward their benefits,” said Congressman Neal. “But, right now, National Guard and Reserve members do not have equal access to G.I. benefits – despite often doing the same jobs and incurring the same risks as individuals on Active Duty. This legislation, which I was proud to support today, will ensure that all servicemembers, regardless of duty status, have the same access to the benefits they have earned. This will make a big impact on servicemembers here at Westover Air Reserve Base and Barnes Air National Guard.” 

Since the September 11th attacks, our valiant National Guard members and Reservists have become even more integral to America’s national security strategy. Increasingly, these servicemembers are seeing heavier training schedules and more frequent deployments. Reserve troops often serve side-by-side with their Active Duty counterparts, and communities across the country have relied on National Guard deployments during the COVID-19 pandemic to help fight the deadly virus. 

However, current law falls short of ensuring that National Guard members and Reservists accrue the vital education benefits they have earned for their increased workload. The Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act closes eligibility gaps in the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill to ensure that members of the National Guard and Reserve have  access to benefits that reflect their contributions to our national security. 

“Our veterans deserve the strong and unwavering support of the Congress,” Congressman Neal continued. “With this legislation, the Democratic House takes another strong step to make sure our nation honors all servicemembers with the benefits they were promised and rightfully deserve.” 



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