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Neal Submits Written Testimony to Surface Transportation Board Ahead of Public Hearing on CSX/Pan Am Merger

Congressman Richard E. Neal has submitted written testimony to the Surface Transportation Board (STB) ahead of today’s public hearing on the revised application for CSX Corporation and CSX Transportation, Inc., et al. (CSX) to acquire control of Pan Am Systems, Inc., and its shortline subsidiaries. The STB is an independent federal agency that is charged with the economic regulation of various modes of surface transportation, primarily freight rail.

The proposed transaction would expand CSX’s reach in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts, while adding Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to its existing 23-state network.

In his testimony, Congressman Neal cites the potential loss of fair competition and CSX’s blemished safety record as two reasons why he is against this consolidation. Additionally, he says, “During my time in public office, I have found CSX to be unresponsive to countless personal requests for action on issues relative to rail operations in my district. This concern is one that is shared by local and state officials, and we all agree that CSX is hindering our regional growth…I believe it is in the best interest of the greater New England region to oppose this acquisition.” 

The hearing is expected to continue through Friday with a decision by mid-April. 

Congressman Neal’s full testimony can be found HERE.


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