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Neal Statement on Republicans' Disastrous Default on America Act

Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Richard E. Neal (D-MA) blasted Republicans’ disastrous Default on America Act:

“House Republicans’ reckless agenda, cobbled together behind closed doors and in the dead of night, is a bad deal for the American people. It forces either drastic, dangerous cuts or wrecks our nation’s credit through a manufactured crisis.

“Republicans’ massive tax cuts to the rich have cost taxpayers over $10 trillion over the last two decades, and now, they want America’s workers and families to pay the price. Today, Republicans voted to raise taxes for the middle class again by killing our climate agenda and killing new green jobs in the process. They voted to protect tax cheats and add to the deficit, while waging a war on poor people and stripping millions from their health care.

“It’s simple: Republicans are working for the wealthy, while Democrats are working for the people. At least this back-alley ransom note was Dead On Arrival.”

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