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Neal Statement on Former President Undermining Border Negotiations

Congressman Richard E. Neal released the following statement on former President Trump’s efforts to undermine negotiations on border security.


“The number one responsibility of the federal government is national security. While President Biden and congressional Democrats have been working to negotiate a reasonable solution, those efforts are being undermined by the former President. Legislating is not easy, but it’s particularly difficult when you are negotiating with bad-faith actors. Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues are more concerned with electoral politics, prioritizing the issue rather than the solution – that’s the opposite of what I want. The adults in the room want results.


“I reject the position made by the former President that immigrants are poisoning the blood of America. My grandparents were immigrants – they did not poison the blood of America. They had children who went on to serve in our nation’s military, they paid their taxes, and they were good citizens. We can support sound policy that allows us to know who is entering the country, while creating what I believe is a reasonable path to citizenship. Unfortunately, my colleagues are more concerned with doing the former President’s bidding than the difficult work of legislating.”




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